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AccuBook Hotel Booking Engine Features

  • Reservation Managers have a login to set up Rooms and Packages and edit Allocation and Prices.
  • Offers Secure Online Payment Facilities via Worldpay.
  • Automatic E Mail Confirmations are dispatched directly to customers after booking.
  • Text Alerts to the Accommodation Provider when a booking is made.
  • Customers must agree to hotel defined Terms and Conditions before a booking can be completed.
  • Permits Gift Vouchers to be sold online.
  • Promotion Codes can be constructed allowing customers to obtain a discount when booking on specific dates.
    • To give wedding guests a special rate,
    • To give business customers a corporate rate
    • To provide promotional discounts at specific times or the year
  • Promotional codes can be limited per room type, specific days of the week or between specific dates
  • Extras can be added onto Rooms and Packages for selection by customers ie Room Upgrades, Champagne, Dinner Reservations etc.
  • Rooms and Packages can have images.
  • Birthdates for customers are captured during the booking process allowing a Promotion to be made to the customer.
  • A minimum stay can be applied to any or all days.
  • 'Sold Out' Alerts are automatically e mailed to the hotels when allocation reaches zero.
  • If the hotel does not acknowledge receipt of the e mail booking an alert is generated to the hotel (Effective Safety Net for E mail Problems)
  • Price can be matched to demand by simply entering room occupancy on a day by day basis.
  • A Report shows the details of all people who have booked online.
  • Detailed Reports show how for example Booking Revenue in comparison with other hotels in their peer group (does not NAME the other hotels).
  • An Online Loyalty Scheme allows customers to be offered specific rewards scheme depending how often they book.
  • Fixed Rates can be created to allow for example Corporate, Conference or Wedding guests to book rooms online AT A FIXED RATE.
  • Customer Satisfaction Questionnaires are e mailed to customer 4 days after departure.

ALL NEW - AccuBook have pioneered an interface that allows an automatic updating of other booking engines ie Bookings.com, CentralR etc from the AccuBook Booking Engines, drastically reducing the amount of time that needs to be spent on Booking Engine updating.