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What is AccuSell?

is a tool that seamlessly links inventory from the AccuBook Booking Engine to a host of other Booking Engine Agents (growing daily) including Bookings.com, Hotels.com etc In short this means that by managing room availability and pricing in the AccuBook Booking Engine, AccuSell automatically and directly transfers this content to other Booking Engines selected by the hotel. This of course drastically reduces the amount of time that Hotel Reservation Mangers have to spend managing Booking Engines. Our experience is that with this tool smaller hotels are more confident about signing up with new Booking Engines because they have a tool that makes the management easier and more reliable.

Some AccuSell Details

  • Is it really true that when i update rooms and prices in the AccuBook Booking Engine this information is also updated on the other Booking Engines i use? Yes, its that simple. Not all Booking Engines are linked at the moment, but certainly the most popular ones, and more are being added daily..
  • So if i use AccuServ do i never need to access those other Booking Engines? 
    You dont to do day to day updating, but you will still need access to retrieve bookings etc.
  • What happens if i have different prices on different Booking Engines? 
    No problem AccuSell allows you to apply an 'uplift' factor that increases the prices by a specified amount on different Booking Engines.
  • So where will the bookings come from? 
    This does not change. If you received them from Booking.com before you will continue to receive them from Booking.com in the same way.
  • What happens if i am not already signed up with other Booking Engines? 
    You can sign up and simply add more Booking Engines to be managed by AccuSell. We can also support you to sign up ot these Booking Engines if you wish.
  • What does this all cost? 
    AccuSell costs 149€ per month for upto 10 Booking Engines

Online Travel Agents we are currently integrated with;

  • Booking.com
  • CentralReservations.com
  • LateRooms
  • Expedia
  • Venere
  • RateToGo
  • LastMinute
  • Orbitz/E Bookers
  • Gulliver
  • In1 Solutions
  • CentralR
  • Desiya/TravelGuru
  • MakeMyTrip